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We Honor the Veterans

There are over 2.4 million deaths in the United States each year, approximately 680,000 are Veterans. Of this 680,000, a vast majority of them are not enrolled in VA and may not be aware of end-of-life services and benefits available to them. These men and women often carry experiences from their military service that can present unique healthcare challenges.

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CHI Health at Home is a proud member of the We Honor Veterans program through the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Veterans Administration. This is program is designed to empower hospices and other healthcare providers across America to meet the unique needs of veterans and their families. The goal of our program is to honor each veteran’s preferences at the end of life while providing the best possible care in the veteran’s home setting.

As a We Honor Veteran’s partner, CHI Health at Home:

  • Learns about the unique needs of veterans and their families
  • Educates our staff and communities about caring for veterans facing serious illness
  • Coordinates care with the Veterans Administration and other healthcare organizations
  • Provides veteran-to-veteran volunteer programs
  • Commits to providing the best quality health care to our veterans


If you are interested in becoming a part of our We Honor Veterans program, consider becoming a hospice volunteer. Volunteers meet the unique needs of our hospice patients by providing companionship and support. Volunteers can do activities with patients such as reading, playing cards, doing life review activities, sharing music, or even enjoying pets together. Volunteers can also be a part of our We Honor Veterans program by participating in our veteran pinning ceremonies (at participating locations) and showing their support and thanks. We have a special need for volunteers that are veterans themselves.


As partners with the We Honor Veterans program, staff have received education specific to the unique needs of Veterans at end-of-life. Each veteran has had their own unique experience, and may face different issues. The experiences of a World War II veteran, a Korean Conflict veteran and a Vietnam War veteran are all very different. Often individuals that have experienced active combat, POW, trauma, and PTSD may have these feelings come up again, and previous traumatic experiences can be re-lived as they are going through the dying process. By addressing these feelings and providing specialized care, we can help support our Veteran patients and their family members.


We would be happy to visit with you about our We Honor Veterans program, hospice services and our volunteer program. Please contact your local CHI Health at Home facility for more information.

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For more information on major benefits including veterans’ compensation, veterans’ pension, survivor’s benefits, rehabilitation and employment assistance, education assistance, home loan guaranties and life insurance, click on the button below

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For information specifically on dependents and survivors benefits, including information on burial and memorial benefits, visit the survivor benefits home page

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To locate a veteran service officer (VSO) in your county, click the button below.